5.6.1 Student Organizations

A. Purpose

  1. The University of Texas at Tyler recognizes student organizations as an integral part of University life and encourages the interaction of students, faculty and staff in student organizations.
  2. Student organizations offer an opportunity for personal growth and development of special talents and interests.

B. Persons Affected

The students of The University of Texas at Tyler who are creating or have created an on campus organization affiliated with the University.

C. Definitions

Organization - a student group holding a valid registration.

Advisor - a current full-time employee of The University of Texas at Tyler, who is not a current student, and is at least 21 years of age

Privileges - including but not limited to on-campus advertisement, event/space reservations, solicitation of funds from Student Government Association, canvas page, web page, organization e-mail, and campus mailbox

Student- an individual currently enrolled in residence at the university, or who is accepted for admission or readmission to the university, or who has been enrolled at the university in a prior semester or summer session and is eligible to continue enrollment in the semester or summer session that immediately follows, or who is attending an educational program sponsored by the university while that person is on campus. 


D. Policy and Procedures

Students wishing to utilize or access university resources, facilities or grounds must become a registered student organization.  New student organization registration requires five or more currently enrolled students and a faculty or staff advisor.  A returning student organization registration requires three currently enrolled students and a faculty or staff advisor. 

  1. Establishing New Student Organizations. Student organizations comprise an important part of the student development program of UT Tyler. The guidelines for establishing new student organizations are as follows:
    1. Any student group wishing to form an organization must complete an on-line registration form available from the Department of Student Engagement Office.  
    2. The organization has to submit a formal constitution, risk management policy and roster of current members to the Student Engagement Office with the registration form.
    3. Final approval of the organization is made after all listed authorized representatives and the faculty/staff advisor attend an Organization Orientation (required each academic year).
    4. If an organization is refused registration, the  Director of Student Engagement  shall provide the applicant with a copy of a written statement of the reasons for refusal. The applicant may appeal the decision to the Vice President of Student Success.  
  2. Continuing Registration. After an organization has received final approval from the University, it must register at the beginning of each fall and spring semester with the Department of Student Engagement. Registration materials required include an updated constitution and risk management policy, a current roster of officers and members, and a fund-raising report. Student organizations are also subject to Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Series 50202 and the Manual of Operating Policies & Procedures for Student Affairs, Subchapter 2.7.
  3. Incomplete Registration. Any student organization that fails to register or submit the required information are to be considered inactive.  Inactive student organizations are unable to utilize privileges without the consent of the Director of Student Engagement.
  4. Consequences of Rules Violations. An organization violates a Regents’ Rule, UT Tyler regulation or administrative rule is subject to discipline. The Senior Vice President for Student Success or his/her designee may impose one or more of the following: 
    1. place the organization on probation for not more than one calendar year;
    2. suspend for not more than one calendar year the organization’s right to do the following:
      1. publicly post signs;
      2. install a booth;
      3. publicly assemble or demonstrate;
      4. sponsor or present a public performance or exhibition;
      5. publicly raise funds or make a solicitation;
      6. reserve the use of university facilities; or
      7. participate in intramural sports tournaments or other U. T. Tyler sponsored events;
    3. require restitution, educational seminars, and community service;
    4. suspend for not more than one calendar year the organization’s registration; or
    5. cancel the organization’s registration for not less than one calendar year.

E. Responsibilities

The Senior Vice President for Student Success  is over this policy. Responsibility for this policy has been delegated to the Director of Student Engagement.

F. Review

This policy should be reviewed every five years or sooner if necessary by the following stakeholders:

Senior Vice President for Student Success

Director of Student Engagement

Student Government Association President

Dean of Students

AMENDED:  04/13/2011

AMENDED 04/2019

ANENDED: 02/2022