3.2.4 Faculty Office Hours

A. Purpose

This document states the institutional policy concerning faculty office hours.

B. Persons Affected

Full-time faculty.

C. Definitions

Not applicable.

D. Policy

Each faculty member is to schedule a minimum of three (3) regular office hours per week, Monday through Friday, and be available for student conference at other times by appointment. 

E. Responsibilities


F. Procedures 

In scheduling office hours, faculty members should give consideration to their availability to students who attend classes only in the evenings or only on certain days. The schedule of hours shall be posted outside the faculty office doors and on the course syllabus.

G. Review

The Divisional Head for this policy is the Provost. This policy shall be reviewed every five years or sooner if necessary by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Council of Academic Deans in consultation with the Faculty Senate.


AMENDED: 04/22/2009

AMENDED: 02/2019