3.1.14 Endowed Professorships and Chairs

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the appointment, expectations and reappointment for endowed professors and chairs.

B. Persons Affected


C. Definitions

Endowed Academic Position.  An endowed academic position is a faculty position supported by an endowment from which distributions are dedicated to salary supplementation, research support, or other professional needs of a faculty member. The position holder will be a faculty member who has had a distinguished career. A holder may be named to an endowed academic position for the remainder of his or her employment, or for a term of years, and the position may be renewable or non-renewable.

D. Policy

The University of Texas at Tyler may recognize scholars who have sustained high levels of accomplishment in their respective fields by awarding Endowed Professorships and Endowed Chairs.

E. Responsibilities

The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs is responsible for the administration of this policy.

F. Procedures

  1. Funds distributed from these endowments will be used to advance the goals and objectives of The University of Texas at Tyler. Subject to the conditions or restrictions requirement by the donor(s) and consistent with guidelines approved by The University of Texas System Board of Regents for the endowment of an academic position (as set forth in Regents’ Rule 60202), the following guidelines should be followed. 

  2. Eligibility for Professorship or Chair. Professorships and chairs will normally be awarded to a distinguished tenured or tenure-track faculty members at the rank of assistant professor, associate professor or professor. The recipient may be a current or new member of the faculty. Some chairs and professorships are awarded in conjunction with administrative appointments, and as such, carry responsibilities specific to those administrative appointments.

  3. Selection Criteria. Chairs and professorships will be awarded to recognized scholars who have sustained high levels of accomplishment in their respective fields. The Provost in consultation with the Dean shall appoint a screening committee of at least three faculty members. The committee will recommend candidates to the Dean and then the Provost, who will recommend one or more individuals to the President who is the final selection authority. 

  4. Allocation of Available Resources. Subject to conditions or restrictions required by the donor(s) and consistent with guidelines approved by The University of Texas System Board of Regents for the endowment of an academic position (as set forth in Regents’ Rule 60202). 

  5. Length of Appointment. In accordance with The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rule 60202, Endowed Academic Positions, Section 1, UT System approval is required before an initial appointment may be made to an endowed professorship or chair. 

    Unless otherwise stated in the endowment agreement, the initial appointment is for a period of three years and renewable annually thereafter. The President, in consultation with the Provost, may choose a different initial length of appointment. Renewal is at the discretion of the President, based on a recommendation of the Provost in consultation with the Dean who review both the annual evaluation of the chair’s or professor’s teaching, research and service performance and the needs of the University. 

    Appointment to an endowed position is separate from appointment to the faculty. A decision to award tenure to the current or prospective holder of an endowed position affects only the regular faculty appointment; it does not imply a commitment for continuance in the endowed position. An endowed position may be moved or reassigned for the benefit of the University—for example, to help hire another faculty member in a different (or the same discipline). Such a reassignment is not to be considered a demotion by the previous holder of the endowed position, but should be considered something that benefits the University according to the assessment of the Provost and President. 

  6. Expectations of Appointment

    1. Recipients of the University’s endowed positions should be leading faculty members at the University. They should evidence significant scholarship contributions that advance the practice and understanding of their respective disciplines. The appointee is expected to publish scholarly works, or participate in creative scholarship as evidenced by performance or exhibitions. In addition, the recipient may be required to seek external funding and to mentor other faculty in scholarly roles. 

    2. Progress toward mutually defined goals will be reviewed annually during the chair or professor’s evaluation conference with the Provost and/or Dean, as appropriate. 

    3. Annually, the recipient of the endowment, in cooperation with his department or college budget authority, shall complete the Report of Endowment Fund Use form. The form must be submitted to the Dean, who then submits copies to the Provost’s office and to the Office of University Advancement. In addition, the recipient of the endowment is expected to write annual letters of appreciation for the funds to the donor or his or her designee or administrator. 

G. Review

The Divisional Head for this policy is the Provost. This policy shall be reviewed every five years or sooner if necessary by the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

H. Resource Documents

Regents' Rule 60202

APPROVED: 07/11/2016

AMENDED: 02/2019

AMENDED: 05/2020

AMENDED: 02/2022