2.8.1 Inclement Weather Policy

A.  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish the process and responsible parties for canceling or postponing university classes and/or other campus operations in case of inclement weather

B.  Persons Affected

All employees of The University of Texas at Tyler

C.  Definitions

Inclement weather: atmospheric conditions at a definite time and place that present a potential risk to health, safety, property.

D. Policy

The University of Texas at Tyler shall notify faculty, staff, and students of severe inclement weather.

E. Responsibilities

President, Adverse Weather Committee, Houston Community College-Alief Campus leadership

F.  Procedures

The University of Texas at Tyler will hold office hours and classes as indicated on the official calendar, except when the University President or his designee deems inclement weather may make traveling to or from campus hazardous to students, faculty and staff. Only the President of the University or his designee is authorized to cancel or postpone office hours and classes.

The decision regarding the cancellation or postponement of classes and office hours shall be made in consultation with the “Inclement Weather Committee” which shall be comprised of the Chief of University Police, the Director of the Physical Plant, and the Director of Media Relations.

At the onset or anticipation of adverse weather, the Chief of University Police shall monitor road conditions with the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Tyler Police Department, campus conditions and weather forecasts and reports from the National Weather Service.

The Chief of University Police also shall notify other members of the Adverse Weather Committee who shall monitor radio reports and observe weather conditions in their immediate vicinity.

The Director of Media Relations shall consult Tyler Junior College, Tyler Independent School District and the Longview and Palestine campuses regarding their plans.

Students enrolled at the Houston Engineering Center should follow the procedure for Houston Community College-Alief Campus.

The committee members will share information collected and make a recommendation to the President who shall make a decision at his discretion.

G.  Review

This policy shall be reviewed every five years by the President in consultation with the Vice Presidents.


LAST AMENDED: 04/22/2009 

REVIEWED:  AY 2014-15

AMENDED:  04/2019