1.2.8 Purpose and Responsibilities of the Vice President for Technology

A. Purpose

The following describes briefly the general duties and responsibilities of the Vice President for Technology.

B. Persons Affected

All personnel reporting to the Vice President for Technology.

C. Definitions

Not applicable.

D. Policy

Not applicable.

E. Responsibilities

The Vice President for Technology also serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and reports to the President.  The Vice President for Technology provides leadership for information technology, information analysis, and information systems planning and is responsible for the technology infrastructure enabling development and delivery of technology services for students, faculty, and staff to work effectively and to support continuous improvement in the University's ability to fulfill its diverse mission.

The Vice President for Technology has general charge and responsibility for planning, implementation, management, policies, standards, and operation of the following areas and functions:

  • Enterprise and integrated software and application systems.
  • Information Analysis and Business Intelligence systems.
  • Campus Servers and Data Centers (USC and ADM locations) and all computing equipment housed in these centers.
  • Network and telecommunications infrastructure and support.
  • Technology customer support, including student computing labs, desktop support, and IT Help Desk.

F. Procedures

Not applicable.

G. Review

This policy shall be reviewed and updated as necessary by the Vice President for Technology every five years or as the organization or responsibilities change.