TypeNameLevelWorkflowDate ChangedUser
New CourseALHS 4300 Introduction to Health ResearchUGUG Council Chair7/4/2021Barbara Haas
New CourseBLAW 5370 Special Topics in Business LawGRADGraduate Subcommittee10/26/2021Mary Fischer
New CourseCSCI 5334 Data Analytics with PythonGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New CourseCSCI 5345 Text AnalyticsGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New CourseCSCI 5346 Database AnalyticsGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New CourseCSCI 5348 Quantitative InvestingGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New CourseCSCI 5374 Quantitative Methods and AnalysisGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New CourseEENG 4352 Programmable Logic ControllersUGReturned to Submitter3/5/2021Laura Owens
New CourseEENG 4354 Computer NetworksUGReturned to Submitter3/5/2021Laura Owens
New CourseFINA 5321 Principles of Real EstateGRADGraduate Subcommittee10/26/2021Mary Fischer
New CourseMENG 4311 Introduction to MechatronicsUGCIP Code Reviewer10/12/2021Amir Mirmiran
New CourseMENG 4348 Introduction to Renewable Energy SystemsUGCIP Code Reviewer10/12/2021Amir Mirmiran
New CourseMUAP 3166 OrganUGReturned to Submitter9/18/2020Laura Owens
New CoursePSYC 4350 Sports PsychologyUGUG Council Chair10/9/2021Wesley Hickey
New CoursePSYC 6398 DissertationGRADGraduate Subcommittee10/26/2021Mary Fischer
New CoursePSYC 6399 DissertationGRADGraduate Subcommittee10/26/2021Mary Fischer
New CourseUNIV 1003 University Success for Military Affiliated StudentsUGCIP Code Reviewer10/8/2021Amir Mirmiran
New CourseACCT 4195 Undergraduate InternshipUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/13/2021Mary Fischer
New CourseACCT 4295 Undergraduate InternshipUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/13/2021Mary Fischer
New CourseACCT 5391 Data Analytics for AccountingGRADDepartment Curriculum Committee10/22/2021Roger Lirely
New CourseCENG 4384 Uncertainty and Risk in EngineeringUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/20/2021Althea Arnold
New CourseCENG 5384 Uncertainty and Risk in EngineeringGRADCollege Curriculum Chair10/20/2021Althea Arnold
New CourseCHEM 3371 Demonstrating Scientific PrinciplesUGCollege Dean10/8/2021Mandy Link
New CourseCOUN 5330 Counseling Children and AdolescentsGRADReturned to Submitter1/25/2021Amy Hayes
New CourseEENG 3307 Fundamentals of ComputingUGReturned to Submitter3/23/2021Althea Arnold
New CourseFINA 4195 Undergraduate InternshipUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/13/2021Mary Fischer
New CourseFINA 4295 Undergraduate InternshipUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/13/2021Mary Fischer
New CourseHIST 4325 Alcohol in American HistoryUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/5/2021Marcus Stadelmann
New CourseMENG 5308 Engineering Leadership and ProfessionalismGRADReturned to Submitter9/17/2021Javier Kypuros
New CoursePADM 5343 Non-profit ManagementGRADDepartment Chair2/3/2021Richard Helfers
New CoursePADM 5308 Local Government ManagementGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
New CoursePADM 5309 Public Sector Grant WritingGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
New CoursePADM 5312 Non-Profit ManagementGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
New CoursePADM 5313 Strategic Planning for Non-ProfitGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
New CoursePHIL 3304 ExistentialismUGDepartment Curriculum Committee10/7/2021Hui Wu
Change CoursePSYC 5396 Supervised Practicum in PsychologyGRADGraduate Subcommittee10/26/2021Mary Fischer
Change CourseART 4379 Advanced SculptureUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/27/2021Merrie Wright
Change CourseCENG 4315 Senior Design IIUGCollege Curriculum Chair9/23/2021Torey Nalbone
Change CourseCHEN 4350 Chemical Plant DesignUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/20/2021Althea Arnold
Change CourseCOMD 3311 Phonetic Description of SpeechUGReturned to Submitter3/3/2021David Criswell
Change CourseCOMD 3359 Speech ScienceUGReturned to Submitter3/4/2021David Criswell
Change CourseCOMD 4371 XXX Requesting removal of this courseUGReturned to Submitter2/26/2021David Criswell
Change CourseCOUN 5324 Cultural Diversity and AdvocacyGRADReturned to Submitter4/29/2020Karl Witt
Change CourseCRIJ 5396 Research MethodsGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
Change CourseCRIJ 5397 Advanced Social Science AnalysisGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
Change CourseEENG 3307 Computing Fundamentals for EngineersUGReturned to Submitter3/23/2021Althea Arnold
Change CourseENGL 4373 Public Writing with TechnologyUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/21/2021Hui Wu
Change CourseENGL 5368 Settings of Literature and WritingGRADCollege Dean10/27/2021Mandy Link
Change CourseENGL 5370 Studies in World LiteratureGRADCollege Dean10/27/2021Mandy Link
Change CourseOCTH 5175 Professional Development Seminar IGRADDepartment Chair7/14/2021Diane Brown
Change CoursePADM 5396 Research MethodsGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
Change CoursePADM 5397 Advanced Social Science AnalysisGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
Change CoursePHAR 7219 Drug Information Retrieval and Literature EvaluationGRADDepartment Chair8/16/2021Kathleen Snella
Expedited CourseNURS 6339 Mixed Methods Research DesignGRADDepartment Chair3/5/2021Janice Hawes
Expedited CourseNURS 6341 Scholarship of Writing for the PhD and DNPGRADDepartment Chair3/5/2021Janice Hawes
Expedited CourseNURS 6342 Scholarship in NursingGRADDepartment Chair3/5/2021Janice Hawes
Expedited CourseNURS 6343 Publishing Scholarly PapersGRADDepartment Chair3/5/2021Janice Hawes
Expedited CoursePHAR 7193 Pharmacy Lab 3: Sterile Products and Intravenous AdmixturesGRADDepartment Chair10/20/2021Kimanh Le
Expedited CoursePHAR 7220 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical PharmacokineticsGRADDepartment Chair10/20/2021Kimanh Le
Expedited CoursePHAR 7288 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 8: Hematology, Oncology, and Palliative CareGRADDepartment Chair10/20/2021Kimanh Le
Expedited CoursePHAR 7481 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 1: Respiratory and RenalGRADDepartment Chair10/20/2021Kimanh Le
Expedited CoursePHAR 7484 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 4: GI, Nutrition, and MusculoskeletalGRADDepartment Chair10/20/2021Kimanh Le
Expedited CoursePHAR 7487 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 7: Selected Topics and Special PopulationsGRADDepartment Chair10/20/2021Kimanh Le
Expedited CoursePHAR 7489 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 9: Critical Care and Clinical ToxicologyGRADDepartment Chair10/20/2021Kimanh Le
Change ProgramCybersecurity Certificate ProgramGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
Change ProgramData Analytics Certificate ProgramGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
Change ProgramPsychology B.A.UGUG Council Chair10/9/2021Wesley Hickey
Change ProgramPsychology B.S.UGUG Council Chair10/9/2021Wesley Hickey
Change ProgramFinance MinorUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/8/2021Mark Miller
Change ProgramArt B.A. with Art History ConcentrationUGDepartment Chair12/1/2020Alexis Serio Hughes
Change ProgramArt B.F.A.UGDepartment Chair12/1/2020Alexis Serio Hughes
Change ProgramArt Teacher CertificationUGCollege Dean10/25/2021Mandy Link
Change ProgramCommunication Studies B.A./B.S.UGCollege Curriculum Chair10/14/2021Marsha Matthews
Change ProgramHuman Resource Development MinorUGCollege Dean3/15/2021Mark Miller
Change ProgramHuman Resource Development B.S.UGCollege Curriculum Chair10/13/2021Kim Nimon
Change ProgramLanguage and Technology Minor (18 hours)UGCollege Curriculum Chair10/21/2021Hui Wu
Change ProgramSpanish MinorUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/27/2021Hui Wu
Change ProgramCriminal Justice M.S.GRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
Change ProgramMaster of Public AdministrationGRADDepartment Chair10/27/2021Richard Helfers
Change ProgramReading M.Ed.GRADDepartment Chair10/5/2021Gina Doepker
New ProgramApplied Cyber Security Certificate ProgramGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New ProgramApplied Data Analytics Certificate ProgramGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New ProgramBachelor of Science in EducationUGPending External Approval9/29/2021Beth Bruce
New ProgramConstruction EngineeringUGProvost10/8/2021Colleen Swain
New ProgramCyber-Data Foundations Certificate ProgramGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New ProgramMaster of Science in NutritionGRADReturned to Submitter3/4/2020William Geiger
New ProgramMaster of Science in Psychological ScienceGRADGraduate Subcommittee10/26/2021Mary Fischer
New ProgramMaster's of Science in Cyber Security and Data AnalyticsGRADProvost9/23/2021Steven Idell
New ProgramReal Estate CertificateGRADGraduate Subcommittee10/14/2021Krist Swimberghe
New ProgramEngineering LeadershipGRADCollege Curriculum Chair9/23/2021Torey Nalbone
New ProgramComputer EngineeringUGCollege Curriculum Chair10/4/2021Hassan El-Kishky
New ProgramDigital Rhetoric and Multimodal DesignGRADCollege Dean8/11/2021Jennifer Klein
New ProgramMBA in Stackable CertificatesGRADReturned to Submitter10/26/2020Mary Fischer
Terminate ProgramSchool Counseling M.A.GRADGraduate Subcommittee10/26/2021Mary Fischer
TypeNameLevelWorkflowDate ChangedUser