Wellness B.A. with Optional Minor

Total Semester Credit Hours = 120

The mission of the Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in Wellness is to prepare students for careers in corporate wellness, management of health and wellness programs, health coaching, sport or wellness journalism, or other related professions. A minor field can be selected to augment training and preparation in these or other specific areas.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Wellness, the student must:

  1. complete the University’s baccalaureate degree requirements;
  2. complete the Departmental curriculum requirements (shown below); and
  3. be awarded a grade of C or better in all courses used to meet degree requirements.


University Core (42 hours)

Note that ALHS 1315 Introduction to Nutrition is required and can be used to meet the STEM requirement of the University core curriculum.

Departmental Lower-Division Requirements (18 hours)

ALHS 1300Personal and Community Wellness

ALHS 1315Introduction to Nutrition [TCCN: BIOL 1322]

ALHS 2301Medical Terminology

KINE 2330Fundamentals of Exercise Science

Foreign Language (6 hours)

Wellness Core Courses (37 hours)

ALHS 3315Nutrition Through the Life-Cycle

ALHS 3352Consumer Health

ALHS 3360Principles of Community and Public Health

ALHS 3362Behavioral Health

ALHS 4317Theoretical and Clinical Aspects of Weight Management

ALHS 4333Stress Management

HECC 4333Introduction to Biostatistics

HECC 4370Internship

KINE 3303Motor Development

KINE 3306Fitness Assessment Skills

KINE 3331Human Motor Control and Learning

KINE 3132Human Motor Control and Learning Laboratory

KINE 4319Aging and Physical Performance

Additional Requirements

23 hrs. of prescribed electives chosen with H&K advisor approval (Note that the electives total could be 26 or 29 hrs. if ALHS 1315 and/or a foreign language course are used to satisfy core requirements). A minimum of 5 hours of upper division courses must be included in the electives. 


Choose a minor (18 hrs. minimum) plus electives as necessary to reach 120 hrs. Electives must be approved by H&K advisor.

Choose from the following minors or meet with an H&K Advisor to discuss other minor options:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Spanish
  • Sports Communication
  • Speech Communications


Recommended 4-Year Course Sequence

Wellness BA