Bachelor of Arts in Music

Degree Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

University Core Curriculum (42 hours)

May be applied to Core Curriculum requirements:

MUSI 2300Introduction to World Music

Musical Performance (14 hours)

  1. Applied Study in Primary Instrument or Voice (MUAP) 7 hours (4 lower-division, 3-upper-division, 1 credit each)
  2. Primary Applied Proficiency Barrier (MUAP 2002) 0 hours
  3. Major Ensembles (MUEN or Accompanying) 7 hours (4 lower-division, 3 upper-division)

Musicianship (25 hours)

(not including MUSI 2300, which is applied toward Core Curriculum requirements)

Lower-Division Course (20 hrs.)

MUSI 1000Recitals, Concerts and Productions

MUAP 1111Harmony and Keyboard I

MUAP 1112Harmony and Keyboard II

MUSI 1116Aural Skills I [TCCN: MUSI 1116]

MUSI 1117Aural Skills II [TCCN: MUSI 1117]

MUSI 1211Music Theory I

MUSI 1212Music Theory II

MUAP 2111Harmony and Keyboard III

MUAP 2112Harmony and Keyboard IV

MUSI 2116Aural Skills III [TCCN: MUSI 2116]

MUSI 2117Aural Skills IV [TCCN: MUSI 2117]

MUSI 2211Music Theory III

MUSI 2212Music Theory IV

MUAP 2001Piano Proficiency

NOTE: MUSI 1000 - 6 semesters with grade of CR required

Upper-Division courses (9 hours)

MUSI 3243Music Technology

MUSI 3319Music History I

MUSI 3320Music History II

MUSI 4101Capstone Project

Electives (39 hours)

  1. Non-Music 24 hours
  2. Other electives (Music or Non-Music) 15 hours

Note: A minimum of 27 of these 39 elective hours must be upper division.

Requirement Note

There is no recital requirement for this degree. A substantial Capstone Project on a music research topic shall be presented with the approval of the major advisor and submitted as evidence of competence in the major field. The project may be an outgrowth of studies in music performance (a lecture-recital), music theory, music history, music education, a topics course, non-Music electives, or an independent study project, as appropriate to the student's interest.

Recommended 4 Year Course Sequence