On-Campus Solicitation

Campus facilities are not open for general public use. Solicitation on the campus of The University of Texas at Tyler is prohibited except for certain activities conducted by authorized groups that are exempt from this prohibition. No solicitation shall be conducted on any property, street, or sidewalk or in any building, structure or facility owned or controlled by The University of Texas at Tyler unless permitted by the Regents' Rules.

For the purpose of this policy, the following defines "solicitation:"

  • the sale, lease, rental, or offer for sale, lease, rental of any property, product merchandise, publication, or service, whether for immediate or future delivery;
  • an oral statement or the distribution or display of printed material, merchandise, or products that is designed to encourage the purchase, use or rental of any property, product, merchandise, publication or service;
  • the receipt of or request for any gift or contribution; or
  • the request to support or oppose or to vote for or against a candidate, issue, or proposition appearing on the ballot at any election held pursuant to State or Federal law or local ordinances.

All permissible solicitation must be conducted in compliance with Chapter 6 of the Student Success Manual of Policies and Procedures (www.uttyler.edu/mopp). Direct inquiries to the Office of Student Engagement 903.565.5645.