Military and Veteran Success Center

Military affiliated student services are provided through the Military and Veterans Success Center located in the University Center.  Services currently include, support and guidance regarding Veteran Affairs and State Education benefits, the certification processes to use benefits, assistance with on campus processes, information on Federal, State, local and on campus benefits and resources available to military affiliated students, and support for the Student Veterans of America student group, Contact the Military and Veterans Success Center at 903.565.5972,, or visit our website at

Required Supporting Documents to use Veteran Education Benefits at UT Tyler

Benefits will only be processed when we have received all the required documents. Instructions for each supporting document can be found at

Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) in the STUDENT’s name

 CH30/CH33(new user)/CH35/CH1606-Copy Received in the mail

CH33 (prior user)
Electronic COE (
AND with 
Screen shot of the confirmation that Change of Location/Change of Program was submitted (Reapplied to use at UT Tyler for degree seeking here)


Hazlewood-If the DD214 lists the date that the veteran left the service as after 9/11/2001-one of the following
Electronic COE for CH33
Must show 0 months and 0 days remaining
CH33 Denial letter 
CH30/CH35/CH1606 COE

VocRehab (VR&E) Authorization Application-CH31

The Student’s VR&E councilor must enter the Students authorization and we must be able to view it in Tungsten Network
Tuition and Fees line only
No other lines allowed
Books cannot be purchased from the school directly
VR&E councilor must enter a second authorization in the Tungsten Network, for Barnes and Noble College’s facility code for Books, Supplies, Shipping Or authorize reimbursement for books purchased without a Tungsten Authorization

Veteran’s Proof of service

*Redacted SSNs prevent processing. SSN is the VA File Number required to create VA Once profile and charge Hazelwood accounts.
DD214 Member 4 copy or Service 2 Copy only
LES Service (Member currently on Active Duty)

Student’s Degree Plan

Must be signed by the advisor and match the program listed in your student center.

Student’s Statement of Responsibility

Specific to the benefit(s) being used.

Veteran Student’s Military Transcripts

USAF enlisted-CCAF
USAF officer-Air University
Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy-JST

Proof of Dependency

Adopted Child
Reissued Birth Certificate showing Veteran as parent 
Court issued Adoption Records
Birth Child-Birth Certificate
Step Child-Veterans Tax Transcripts (Not Tax Return) from the most recent Tax-year
Spouse-Marriage Certificate

VETERAN’S Disability Letter or Report of Casualty

CH35 and Disability child/spouse Hazlewood only.

Hazlewood Application Form: UT Tyler Specific TVC-ED-1

Our form has a couple additional questions, is partially filled out and highlighted for what must be filled out depending on the type of student.
Specific form for Veteran/Standard, Legacy Child, Disability Child and Disability Spouse.

Veteran's "VETERAN Hazlewood Hours"

Veteran using their own hours
Legacy Child

Student’s "STUDENT Hazlewood Hours"
Disability Child
Disability Spouse
Legacy Child

Hazlewood Revocation Form

If anyone other than the current Student used the Veterans Hazelwood in the past.

Student’s GPA Verification
Any Student who previously attended UT Tyler.

Additional documents may be requested if there is a question about residency, where the veteran or student are residing.

Session Request
Students must submit a Session Request for each Session every Semester they wish to use Veteran Education Benefits.