Special Tuition Classifications for Nonresidents

Listed below are some exceptions which permit nonresidents to pay resident tuition rates. All special tuition exceptions must be approved through The One-Stop Service Center (OSC) prior to the census date each term.

  1. A nonresident or foreign student employed at least half-time in a program-related position as a teaching assistant or a research assistant is entitled to pay the same tuition as a resident of Texas. The student’s spouse and children may also be enrolled under this classification.
  2. A nonresident or foreign student holding a competitive academic scholarship of at least $1,000 for the academic year in which he/she enrolled is entitled to pay the tuition required of Texas residents provided he/she competes with other students including Texas residents for the scholarship and the scholarship is awarded by a scholarship committee recognized by UT Tyler and approved by the Coordinating Board.
  3. Usually, a member of the United States military forces is entitled to pay the resident tuition fee for self or dependents. The student must submit appropriate evidence including a statement from his/her commanding officer stating that the member is currently on permanent active duty assignment within the state of Texas.
  4. Students who reside in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma may be charged the statutory rate for Texas residents, plus $30.00 per semester credit hour. Students must demonstrate residency by providing a current driver’s license or copies of their state tax returns for the current year. This must be presented each semester prior to payment of tuition and fees.

The Texas Education Code, §54.058 et seq. includes other exceptions not reprinted in the catalog. For more information consult the cited statutes, the Office of Student Financial Aid, or refer to the Coordinating Board's website, www.collegefortallexans.com.