Forensic Science Minor

The forensic science minor may be chosen as a minor to satisfy bachelor degree requirements in other fields.  This program consists of 18 semester hours from multiple disciplines.

Minor Requirements

Students must take the following courses (15 credit hours)

CRIJ 3301Survey of Forensic Science

CRIJ 4344Crime Scene Processing

CRIJ 4345Courtroom Testimony

CHEM 1320Forensic Chemistry I

CHEM 1321Forensic Chemistry II

Students may choose one course from the following list (3 credit hours)

CRIJ 3344Drugs, Behavior and Criminal Justice

GEOG 4330Geographic Information Systems

ANTH 3360Archaeology

ANTH 3380Physical Anthropology

CHEM 3310Analytical Chemistry

BIOL 3332Genetics


BIOL 3133Genetics Laboratory

BIOL 4331Entomology


BIOL 4131Herpetology Laboratory

CRIJ 4360Topics in Criminal Justice

CHEM 4398Special Topics in Chemistry