Leave of Absence

A student may request a Leave of Absence for academic and/or non-academic reasons. Examples of non-academic reasons include, but are not limited to: childbearing or adoption; personal illness; critical care of a family member; financial or job-related interruption; and military service. The Leave of Absence is approved for a specific time period and allows the student to return to the college without formally reapplying for admission to the College. 

A condition of the Leave of Absence is that the student must complete their course of study in 5 years of less from the original date of matriculation into the program, excluding on an approved leave of absence. Failure to successfully complete conditions listed within the Leave of Absence within the agreed upon timeframe will result in the student being placed on Academic Dismissal from the FCOP. Students requesting a Leave of Absence who are failing one or more course(s) need to obtain approval for the leave from the Professional and academic Standards Committee (PASC). Students who request a leave of absence after the last day to withdraw from a course, will receive a “W” on their transcript unless a retroactive withdrawal has been approved by the PASC.

Leaves of absences will result in withdrawal of intern/intern trainee licenses from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Students must contact the FCOP Office of Experiential Education at least 30 days prior to returning from a leave of absence to facilitate the process for re-licensure.