Student Learning Resources

Robert R. Muntz Library

Rebecca McKay Johnson, Executive Director

The Robert R. Muntz Library collects, organizes, and provides access to an expansive array of electronic journals, electronic books, databases, and print materials to support the teaching, learning, and research activities of The University of Texas at Tyler.  A knowledgeable and service-oriented staff provides assistance and instruction to our users for their research and information needs.  The Library building includes computers and printers for student use, collaborative spaces for study, and is open 105 hours per week during the long semesters.  The University Archives and Special Collections Department of the library houses and preserves archival collections about the history of UT Tyler and East Texas, artifacts and rare books.  The Library also hosts UT Tyler’s institutional repository, Scholar Works at UT Tyler.  Scholar Works is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes the scholarly output of the UT Tyler community, including: theses, dissertations, faculty, and departmental publications. 

Mission Statement

The Robert R. Muntz Library supports the University Strategic Plan’s four pillars.  To accomplish this, the library will excel in collecting and providing access to quality educational and scholarly resources; offering excellent and timely services and events; making available current technologies; and creating an inspiring and welcoming physical environment.  


We aspire to be the university’s intellectual gateway, supporting the discovery, exchange, and advancement of ideas.  


The library will: 

  • Increase engagement with UT Tyler and the surrounding community
  • Support the scholarship and creativity of the UT Tyler community
  • Develop and maintain a thoughtfully chosen, well-organized, and easily accessible array of resources that support the curriculum and stimulate curiosity
  • Enhance student learning and critical thinking through the integration of information literacy across the curriculum
  • Sponsor opportunities that create a vibrant, safe, engaged student experience complementary to the university’s academic mission
  • Provide an environment that promotes reflection, research, and collaboration
  • Promote high operational, service, and ethical standards by conducting continuous evaluation of resources and services
  • Create a positive and accessible work environment for a highly capable and diverse staff


Department of Academic Success

Ashley Bill, Executive Director

The UT Tyler Office of Academic Success offers programs and services that are designed to improve individual performance and academic achievement through quality academic advising and peer tutoring programs. These Academic Success programs and services exist primarily to provide academic advising to freshman and sophomore level students and academic support to undergraduate students enrolled in freshman, sophomore and junior level courses.

Academic Advising

The University Advising team is dedicated to providing data, resources, leadership, and professional development to all professional academic advisors, faculty advisors, and college/departmental administration to ensure valuable academic advising is an institutional priority. The Department of Academic Success works to create an advising community that unifies academic departments and colleges and supports all undergraduate advisors, and through them, all undergraduate students. 

Academic Support

Academic Support provides numerous support programs designed to enable UT Tyler students to be successful in their college careers.  Our goal is to make available the tools and resources for students to become independent learners. This occurs though various programs such as Supplemental Instruction, the Pass Tutoring Center, PASSages, and MAPS.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly peer-assisted study sessions designed to support students in courses which have consistently proven to be difficult (high failure and withdrawal rates). Many freshman and sophomore level classes, especially in the math and science areas, are among those supported through SI. The weekly study sessions are guided by an SI leader who is a current UT Tyler student and who has previously been successful in the class he/she is supporting. These leaders are given extensive training to be able to lead effective study sessions for the students they serve. The goal of every session is to focus not only on what students need to learn but also on learning the study skills that are necessary to succeed. UT Tyler students who participate regularly in SI have higher grades and course completion rates than those who do not participate.  SI is a free service to UT Tyler students. Please visit us at to see our complete listing of available sessions as well as the meeting days and times. For questions, please call 903-565-5549.

PASS Tutoring Center

The PASS (Patriot Academic Success Services) Tutoring Center is a free walk-in tutoring center, with an individual appointment option, for current UT Tyler students. It is located in the Muntz Library, room 401. The walk-in hours are Monday – Thursday 12PM-10PM, Friday from 11AM–4PM and Sunday 4PM–8PM.  The hours for the PASS tutoring center are posted on our website each semester ( Here students have access to the times when tutoring for specific subjects is available.  The subject areas and courses are chosen because of their historically high failure and withdrawal rates at UT Tyler.  For questions, please call 903-565-5964.

PASSages Program

The PASSages program is designed to help students achieve academic success. Students enrolling with ACT/SAT scores and high school rankings below UT Tyler’s published admission criteria, and/or students enrolling as ‘liable’ or ‘not satisfied’ according to published state standards for TSI compliance, will be required to participate in the PASSages (Patriot Academic Success Services) program during their first semester of enrollment.

The program consists of three main components: (1) weekly seminars, (2) appointments with an Academic Advisor, and (3) a maximum course load of 12 hours. The seminar portion of PASSages is designed to provide valuable tools to aid in student success. It is a non-credit course and is considered a required part of the weekly schedule. The PASSages seminar will take priority when planning semester schedules.
If, for some reason, a student fails to get enrolled in a PASSages seminar during their initial registration appointment, they will be automatically placed in the appropriate support program’s associated course at the university’s discretion. Students in this situation will be notified through Patriot email of this addition to their schedule. Failure to participate in the required program may result in additional registration and enrollment restrictions.

Mentoring and Advising Patriots for Success (MAPS)

Probationary or suspended students who are first-time freshmen will be required to participate and must enroll in an academic support program such as Mentoring and Advising Patriots for Success in the following semester. Failure to participate in the required program(s) may result in additional registration and enrollment restrictions. First-time freshmen will need to consult with their advisor to plan an appropriate support program and to determine the steps necessary for compliance. A student who fails to comply by the deadline will be enrolled in the appropriate support program's associated course at the university’s discretion and will receive notification via Patriot email.


UT Tyler has partnered with UpSwing to provide free, confidential, and convenient tutoring support to our students in an online environment. UpSwing can be accessed through a student’s Canvas account or at