Clinical Psychology PhD


The Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Texas at Tyler is a scientist-practitioner based program which provides high quality academic, research, and clinical training. The program is designed to prepare students for professional and academic careers in Clinical Psychology. Students will complete specialized coursework and advanced clinical training in one of three specialty areas during their time in the program:

  1. Veterans and active duty military mental health
  2. Rural mental health
  3. Geropsychology

Students are mentored by clinical faculty in research and provided supervision of their clinical work along the way.  A thesis and dissertation are required.  Clinical training is provided in our on-campus clinic and a number of agencies in the East Texas area.  

Admission Requirements 

  1. A bachelor's degree from a college or university approved by a recognized regional accrediting body. (Applicants with a master’s degree in Psychology or a related field may apply as well). 
  2. Minimum 3.0 overall GPA*
  3. Adequate preparation in Psychology. Successful applicants will have 12 or more credits in Psychology including coursework in Statistics, Research Methods, History and Systems of Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology. If students do not have these classes, they will be required to complete them during their program.
  4. Submission of satisfactory Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores taken within the last five years. Successful applicants will have GRE-V, GRE-Q, and GRE-Total scores at the 50th percentile or above.
  5. International students must meet the standards for proficiency in English described in the International Graduate Student Admissions section of this catalog.  
  6. A Statement of Purpose (3 pg. maximum) outlining relevant educational, personal, cultural, or social experiences that motivated applicant to pursue advanced studies in Clinical Psychology. It should also identifies specific research areas of interest in relation to program specialty area(s) and previous research/clinical experience that contribute to preparedness for the program. 
  7. Three academic letters of reference. 

*Please note that this is the minimum criterion from the University of Texas at Tyler Graduate School, but admitted applicants may have scores well above this criterion.

Admitted students must complete a criminal background check prior to enrollment.

Consideration for admission to the PhD in program will also be given to one or more of the following: the applicant’s demonstrated commitment to his or her chosen field of study, socioeconomic background, first generation college graduate, multilingual proficiency, geographic region of residence, and level of responsibility in other matters including extracurricular activities, employment, community, service, and family responsibilities. 

Degree Requirements

This doctoral degree program is delivered face to face on campus for the first four years. The fifth year consists of a full-time 12-month pre-doctoral clinical psychology internship. Students are required to attend an orientation on the UT Tyler campus prior to beginning coursework. Students may be required to be present for other special activities throughout their program of study.

  1. Minimum Credit Hours (99 cr.)
    1. Required Courses – 69 cr.
    2. Electives – up to15 cr.
    3. Dissertation – 6-12 cr.
    4. Internship -  9 cr.
  2. Special degree requirements (for details on university doctoral requirements, see the general graduate section of this catalog and the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Handbook available on the website) 
    1. The Proficiency Examination is taken after the student has completed a significant portion of, if not all, required coursework. Students may not advance to candidacy or register for dissertation hours until all portions of the Proficiency Examination have been passed satisfactorily. Upon successful completion of the Proficiency Examination, students will be advanced to candidacy. 
    2. Students have a maximum of nine years to complete the program. Students will have five years to complete the program after entering candidacy. Students unable to complete the program within the designated time limits must file for an extension.
    3. A dissertation of original research contributing to the body of knowledge in clinical psychology will be required. Students must enroll for dissertation hours during each long semester while in the dissertation process. A minimum of 6 hours of dissertation credit is required.
    4. Students must meet all doctoral degree requirements of the University.
  3. Transfer work: Students with graduate credit or degrees from other programs may transfer up to 15 hours of coursework with the approval of their advisor and the Doctoral Program Director of Clinical Training. 
  4. Students who enter with a masters degree in Clinical Psychology or Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Texas at Tyler may apply up to 30 hours toward their doctoral program as approved by their advisor and the Director of Clinical Training. 
Below is a typical outline of program progression for a full-time student.

Prescribed Required/Core Courses


PSYC 6308Advanced Psychopathology and Diagnosis

PSYC 5328Issues and Professional Ethics

PSYC 6340Advanced Statistics and Research Design

PSYC 5312Counseling Theories


PSYC 6366Advanced Assessment of Mental Abilities

PSYC 6341Multivariate Statistics

PSYC 6384Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Approaches

PSYC 6301Advanced Tests and Measurement


PSYC 6368Clinical and Diagnostic Assessment

COUN 5324Cultural Diversity and Advocacy


*PSYC 6352Biological Foundations of Behavior

*PSYC 6311Social and Cultural Foundations

PSYC 5392Applied Counseling Practice

PSYC 5394Thesis


*PSYC 6310Cognitive and Emotional Foundations

*PSYC 6320Advanced Human Growth and Development

PSYC 5395Thesis

PSYC 5393Applied Therapy


*PSYC 6375Advanced Practicum in Psychology

PSYC 5396Supervised Practicum in Psychology

Elective (3 hrs.)


PSYC 5397Supervised Practicum in Psychology

Elective (3 hrs.)

Elective (3 hrs.)


*PSYC 6312Supervised Practicum Underserved Population

*PSYC 6398Dissertation

Elective (3 hrs.)


*PSYC 6312Supervised Practicum Underserved Population

*PSYC 6399Dissertation

Elective (3 hrs.)

YEAR FIVE/Fall (External Internship)

*PSYC 6386Internship in Psychology

YEAR FIVE/Spring (External Internship)

*PSYC 6386Internship in Psychology

YEAR FIVE/Summer (External Internship)

*PSYC 6386Internship in Psychology

*new courses pending approval