Courses using Open Educational Resources and/or Low-cost ($50 or less) Materials

The following courses and/or sections use Open Educational Resources (OER) or low-cost resources (under $50). By using OER and affordable learning resources, UT Tyler students can access needed information, data, and resources without the pressure of high-priced required course materials and textbooks. UT Tyler faculty remain committed to providing students with excellent learning experiences while keeping expenses as low as possible.

ACCT 2302.001 Principles of Accounting II
ACCT 2302.002 Principles of Accounting II
ACCT 3170.001 Build and Manage a Successful Accounting Career
ACCT 3315.001 Cost Accounting
ALHS 2315 Principles of Nutrition for Allied Health
ALHS 5322 Nutrition, Health, and Disease
ALHS 5325 Nutrition for Healthy Aging
ANTH 4360 Topics in Anthropology
BIOL 1106 General Biology I Laboratory
BIOL 1107 General Biology II Laboratory
BIOL 2101Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
BIOL 2320 Introduction to Microbiology
BIOL 3134 Cell Biology Lab
BIOL 3139 Plant Biology Lab
BIOL 3332 Genetics
BIOL 5133 Landscape Ecology Lab
BIOL 5333 Landscape Ecology
BIOL 5384 Evolutionary Genetics 
BIOL 5387 History of Biology
CHEM 1311 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1340 The Chemistry of Luxury
CHEM 3370 Perspectives on Science and Mathematics
COSC 3315 Social and Professional Issues in Computing
COSC 3333.001 - 003 Management Information Systems
COSC 4361 Retail Cyber Security Management
COSC 4375 Information Systems Design Project
COSC 4388 Digital Forensics
COSC 4395 Capstone Project
COSC 5342 Cybersecurity Management
COSC 5388 Digital Forensics
CSCI 4385 Information Technology Capstone
CRIJ 4333 Community Policing
CRIJ 5332 Law Enforcement; Environment and Practice
ECON 3302 Economic and Financial Literacy
EDUC 5315 School Policies and Texas Students
EDCI 5320 Teacher Learning and Professional Development
EDUT 1170 Step 1: Inquiry Approach
EDUT 2170 Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lessons
EDUT 4170 Apprentice Teaching
ENGL 2323 English Literature from the 1780s to the Present
ENGL 4320 The Romantic Period
ENGL 4325 Victorian Literature
ENGL 5320 Shakespeare
ENGL 5323 Studies in Romanticism
FINA 3311.002 Principles of Finance
FINA 3315.061 Personal Finance
FINA 4355.060 Oil, Gas and Energy Finance
FINA 4357 Business Forecasting
HNRS 1351 World, Text, and Image I
HNRS 1352 World, Text, and Image II
HNRS 4368 Honors Field Experience
HRD 3342 Career Development and Human Resource Planning
HRD 4301 Supervision
HRD 4320 Job Analysis and Design
HRD 5307 Measurement and Evaluation in HRD/Technology Education
HRD 5331 Workforce Development
HRD 5344 Conflict Resolution
HRD 5347 Performance Consulting
HRD 5350 Leadership and Ethics in Human Resource Development
HRD 6355 Multivariate Statistics
HRD 6359 Research Seminar in HRD
HRD 6388 Talent Management and Development
HRD 6391 Advanced Topics in Human Resource Development
KINE 5307 Motor Learning
MANA 1300.001 Introduction to Business
MANA 1300.060 Introduction to Business
MANA 3170.001 - 003 Build and Manage a Successful Career
MANA 5320 .001 & .060 Organizational Behavior
MARK 4340.001 Consumer Insights
MARK 5320.702 Advanced Marketing Fundamentals
MARK 5360.702 Advanced Service Marketing
MATH 2325 Functions and Modeling
MATH 3203 Matrix Methods in Science and Engineering
MATH 3305 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 3315 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
MATH 3336 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 3380 Algorithms in Applied Mathematics
MATH 3425Foundations of Mathematics
MATH 4160Senior Seminar I
MATH 4161 Senior Seminar II
MATH 4350 Theory of Probability
MATH 5311 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
MATH 5390 Selected Topics in Mathematics
MAUP course All Applied Music Courses
MENG 3211 Thermal Fluids Lab
MENG 4330 Process Control
MUSI 1311 Music Theory I
MUSI 1312 Music Theory II
MUSI 2311 Music Theory III
MUSI 2312 Music Theory IV
MUSI 3311 Conducting
MUSI 4342 Form and Analysis
NURS 3605 Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS 5382 Capstone
NURS 5385 Information Systems Life Cycle
NURS 5387 Data Analysis and Healthcare Technology
NURS 5389 Infomatics, Quality, & Safety Capstone
NURS 6303 Healthcare Infomatics
NURS 6310 Philosophy of Science
NURS 6326 Advanced Epidemiology
NURS 6342 Scholarship in Nursing
NURS 6350 Research in Transcultural Nursing
NURS 6358 Population Health within a Context of Culture
NURS 6382 Taiwan Immersion (elective)
PHIL 2303 Introduction to Logic
PHYS 1303 Introduction to Astronomy
POLS 2305 Introductory American Government
POLS 2306 Introductory Texas Politics
PSYC 2331 Research Methods
SOCI 4311 Majority-Minority Relations