Construction Management Minor

A minor in construction management is a valuable support field for many different majors. It has proven particularly helpful to students majoring in business administration, human resources, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. The construction management minor requires 18 hours including CMGT 2302 and CMGT 2303. The remaining 12 hours must be upper-division CMGT courses. The courses are: CMGT 3311, CMGT 3312, CMGT 3348 and CMGT 4331.

Suggested Curriculum

Freshman/Sophomore Spring Semester

CMGT 2302Introduction to Construction Management

Sophomore/Junior Fall Semester

CMGT 2303Construction Materials and Methods

Junior Fall Semester

CMGT 3311Construction Estimating

Junior Spring Semester

CMGT 3312Advanced Estimating

CMGT 3348Construction Safety

(Prerequisite of CMGT 3311 for CMGT 3312)

Senior Fall Semester

CMGT 4331Construction Scheduling

(Prerequisite CMGT 3311)