Multi-Media Recordings and Photography

Photography and Video Recording Consent

The FCOP requests use of student-related photographs and/or video-recordings for external use, e.g. distribution of class composite photos, posting on the internet, publications, social media, etc. Permission for use can only be given by the student and the initial request occurs during the orientation process and remains into effect until the student is no longer enrolled in the Pharm.D. program or the permission is revoked by the student. Students can grant permission or revoke permission for photography and/or video-recordings at any time by contacting the FCOP Office of Student Affairs.

Recording of Class Sessions

Class sessions may be recorded, if the student receives written permission from the course coordinator. This includes, but is not limited to, photographing or recording of material placed on white boards or overhead projections. Because of the interactive nature of team-based learning, class periods may not be recorded in lieu of attending class, unless specifically authorized by the FCOP Office of Academic Affairs (e.g., approved absence for professional meetings). The term recording includes all forms of multi-media recording on the University campus or affiliate locations and includes all classroom sessions.

Reproduction of Class Sessions

Reproduction and/or distribution of class sessions by any means such as YouTube, podcasts, etc. of any class session presentations or material created for the purpose of class preparation or for class review are forbidden unless written authorization from the FCOP Office of Academic Affairs and the creator is obtained at least seven (7) calendar days in advance.