Department of Health and Kinesiology

Dr. David Criswell, Chair

The Mission of the Department of Health and Kinesiology is to prepare students for success in the fields of health and the movement sciences. Further, the department aims to optimize human performance and promote healthy living through excellence in research and community outreach.

The Department offers studies that prepare for a variety of careers related to health, education, exercise science, athletic training, fitness and other fields. Specific undergraduate degrees offered are: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Studies, Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Health and Kinesiology. Aims and requirements of each of the Department’s undergraduate degrees are described below in this section of the catalog. The graduate degree programs are described under Department of Health and Kinesiology in the graduate section of this catalog.

A student pursuing studies in health or kinesiology should be aware that requirements other than those of the Department may apply, including requirements listed in the following sections of this catalog: Undergraduate Academic Policies, including Undergraduate Admission Requirements and General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements; requirements for teacher certification, under School of Education; and Graduate Policies and Programs.