Student Counseling Center

The mission of the Student Counseling Center is to help students resolve their personal concerns and acquire the skills, attitudes, abilities, and insight that will enable them to meet the challenges of student life. The Student Counseling Center offers individual therapeutic counseling in a private, confidential setting to assist students in achieving personal and educational goals. The Student Counseling Center is staffed by Licensed Professional Counselors with in-depth training and experience, and a varied background in counseling, testing, and teaching. Some common issues that students may deal with in counseling are: choosing a major, test anxiety, decision-making. procrastination, communication difficulties, self-esteem, interpersonal conflicts, stress management, personal relationships, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, sexual assault, anxiety, depression, and many others. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling (903) 566-7254 and get more information regarding services available at