Residence Life

Several housing options are available for students seeking the benefits of on-campus living. Patriot Village is a student apartment community on campus. The Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Z. Ornelas Hall is a residence hall community on campus. Patriot Village and Ornelas Hall are both operated by UT Tyler. University Pines is a privately-managed student apartment community on campus. Students interested in living on campus are encouraged to apply early. The University is entitled to check the student’s criminal history record and will notify the student if this information is used to deny them housing. (Texas Government Code, Section 411.094.)

Students who have completed fewer than 30 credit hours at any junior college or university, including UT Tyler, are required to live on campus at Patriot Village, Ornelas Hall or University Pines if facilities are available. For more information on the residency requirement visit

University Pines may be contacted at (903) 566-3565. Those interested in information about housing managed by UT Tyler (Patriot Village or Ornelas Hall) should call (903) 566-7008 or email Information can also be found at the Residence Life Office or on the Residence Life website at