Required Academic Proficiency Assessment

Effective Fall 2010, all junior level students are required to complete the ETS Proficiency Profile assessment test after completion of 60 semester hours and before completion of 90 semester hours. Students who have not completed the assessment before registering for their 90th hour will have a hold placed on their registration.

Completing the assessment is a graduation requirement although student scores are not used by the University as a graduation requirement. There is no student fee for the assessment. Students pursuing a second baccalaureate degree are exempt from the assessment test.

The Proficiency Profile is offered on all three campuses of the University. Students must register to take the test at least 48 hours in advance. The schedule for the Tyler campus is posted at Students who wish to take the test at the Tyler campus must register by emailing with their student name, ID number and the test date of choice.

Students who wish to take the assessment at the Longview University Center should contact the Support Services Analyst at 903-663-8114. Students who wish to take the assessment at the Palestine Campus should contact the Computer User Services Analyst at 903-727-2317.

Students who qualify for special accommodations should contact the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness at 903-565-5945 or at to make arrangements.