Department of Psychology and Counseling

Dr. Charles Barké, Chair

The Department of Psychology and Counseling offers courses leading to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, and Master of Science degrees. Both baccalaureate degrees are acceptable preparation for graduate study in psychology or counseling. (See the graduate section of this catalog for information concerning the master’s degrees in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and school counseling.) Also, psychology may be chosen as a minor field of study.

Objectives and Overview

Psychology is the functional analysis of behavior and subjective mental phenomena, such as perceptions, thoughts, dreams, and emotions, which can be objectively defined by behavior. The normal individual human is the primary focus of undergraduate study, whereas the study of psychopathology and counseling is emphasized primarily at the graduate level. The objective of the psychology program is to provide students with the opportunity to better understand human behavior by acquiring a foundation of empirically derived psychological knowledge, by developing a critical, non-intuitive perspective, and by learning analytical techniques.

Psychology traditionally serves as part of a well-balanced liberal arts education. Taken as a major, second major, or minor field of study, psychology can prepare students for the many diverse occupations in government, business, education, health, and ministry, which require working with people. It can prepare students for admission to professional schools and for graduate study that leads to licensure as clinical or counseling psychologists.

The psychology curriculum is concentrated at the upper-division (junior-senior) level, except for PSYC 1301, PSYC 1349, and PSYC 2320. Majors and non-majors may take any psychology course identified as a general elective in their sophomore, junior, or senior years.

High School Preparation

A strong college preparatory program of study in high school, including algebra and biology, is helpful to students who plan to major in psychology. Also, students are expected to write and speak effectively.