5.8.1 Non-Academic Student Complaint Procedures

A. Purpose

The purpose is to provide students with a fair and efficient process to present and resolve complaints and grievances arising from their non-academic interactions with employees.

B. Persons Affected




C. Definitions


D. Policy and Procedures

  1. INFORMAL RESOLUTION PROCESS: Initial Consideration of Grievance

    To resolve misunderstandings or concerns, a student must first make every effort to resolve the matter informally by discussing his or her concerns with the employee, supervisor or department head against whom the complaint is initiated within 30 calendar days of the time of the incident. The person to whom the complaint is presented must respond orally or in writing within ten business days after receipt of the complaint.

  2. FORMAL PROCEDURES: Appeal to Supervising Vice President

    If the complaint is not resolved to the student's satisfaction by the employee, supervisor, or department head, the student may submit a final formal appeal (Non-Academic Student Grievance Form) to the Vice President supervising the department where the complaint originated. The Non-Academic Student Grievance Form is available on the Senior Vice President for Student Success' website at http://www.uttyler.edu/studentaffairs/.

    The student must submit this appeal within ten business days after the student receives the response from the department head. The Vice President and/or designee will provide a written response to the student within ten business days of the receipt of the student’s appeal. Decisions at the vice-presidential level will be final.


    1. Students who believe they have been the victim of sexual harassment should follow the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy (HOP 2.4.3) to file a complaint. 

    2. Students who believe they have been the victim of prohibited discrimination should follow the Nondiscrimination Policy and Complaint Procedure (HOP 2.4.1) to file a complaint.

    3. Students who wish to file an academic complaint should follow the procedures outlined in Academic Student Complaint Procedures (HOP 5.8.2) 

  4. Students who wish to file an academic grievance related to performance in a course or a grade received in a course should follow the procedures in Grade Appeals (Section 5.11.1) to file a complaint.

D. Responsibilities

The Vice President for Student Success is responsible for this policy.

E. Review

This policy should be reviewed every five years or sooner if necessary by the following stakeholders:

Senior Vice President for Student Success

Student Government Association President

Dean of Students 

AMENDED:  09/01/2010

AMENDED: 04/2019

AMENDED: 06/2021