5.14. 2 Medical Withdrawal Course Load

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide the university community with information regarding the procedure for requesting and determining the outcome of a medical withdrawal/course load reduction.

B. Persons Affected




C. Definitions

Medical Withdrawal.  The complete withdrawal from all courses for a semester in which a student has experienced a significant medical or mental health issue.

Reduced Course Load.  The withdrawal of one or more, but not all courses for a semester in which a student has experienced a significant medical or mental health issue.

D. Policy and Procedures

1. General Policies:

Students who experience a significant medical or mental health issues may request withdrawal or a reduction in their course loads without unnecessary academic penalty. All requests will require documentation from a medical/mental health professional. 

Prior to requesting a full medical withdrawal, a student may be encouraged to exhaust other options that may result in a request for a course load reduction instead (contacting professors regarding the possibility of incompletes, continuing in on-line courses, or maintaining a reduced schedule that will meet the medical needs of the student). 

A medical withdrawal/course load reduction from the university can be granted only for the current or previous two semesters- summer is counted as one semester. Appeals for earlier semesters may be submitted to the Student Appeals Committee www.uttyler.edu/registrar/policies/appeals.

Dropping or withdrawing from classes may affect financial aid eligibility, veteran's benefits, athletic eligibility, housing, or international student status. Students should consult with those departments prior to dropping or withdrawing.  Requests for refunds, financial aid appeals and grade appeals are not handled via this process.  These requests may be submitted to the Student Appeals Committee www.uttyler.edu/registrar/policies/appeals.

All drops or withdrawals approved for undergraduate students will result in grades of “Q” that are exempt from the 6-Drop Rule.  All drops or withdrawals approved for graduate or pharmacy students will result in grades of “W”.

2. Committee

The Medical Withdrawal Committee consists of a faculty member from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences or The College of Pharmacy, a licensed professional from the Student Counseling Center, a representative from the Student Accessibility and Resources office, and a representative from the Conduct and Intervention office.

3. Request Procedures

To request a medical withdrawal/course load reduction a student may submit an Application for Medical Withdrawal/ Course Load Reduction document, to the Medical Withdrawal Committee via their Patriot email to Meddrop@uttyler.edu.  For assistance in scanning requested documents, students may come by the Student Counseling Center in UC 3170). The following required documentation must be provided for all appeals:

a. A typewritten request with an explanation of why the student is requesting a withdrawal or course load reduction, including the dates of when the problem started and specifically regarding how the problem affected the student’s ability to complete the semester in question or directly impacts the course(s) they wish to drop.

b. The course(s) they wish to drop, and the last date of attendance/participation in each.

c. Completion of the Health Care Provider form by a licensed doctor, physician, medical professional, or mental health professional who has provided long-term care to, or recently evaluated the student.  The provider must list the medical condition and recommend the medical withdrawal or course load reduction.

d. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

The application and all associated documents will be forwarded to the Medical Withdrawal Committee for review. 

Students will receive an email notification at their Patriot email regarding the outcome of their appeal after the Committee has reached its decision. Students may also be contacted by the Committee to request additional documentation or information prior to a decision being rendered.

Students whose requests are not approved by the Committee may appeal the decision and/or discuss additional resources and options with the Associate Dean or Dean of Students.

4. Confidentiality

Any supporting documentation will be considered confidential and treated as such by the Committee and will not be shared outside the Committee unless a special request has been made by the Provost or Provost’s designee on a need-to-know basis. The student’s written request for the withdrawal, all supporting documentation, and the committee’s recommendation will remain the responsibility of the Associate Dean of Students and will be stored securely in the Medical Withdrawal Committee’s shared drive. For each approved application, the final recommendation will be forwarded to each office that must be involved in its processing, where related records will be retained as necessary. These offices may include the Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, Student Business Services, International Programs, and the Veteran’s Resource Center. If false information or documentation is provided as part of the application process the documentation will be provided to appropriate University officials.

E. Responsibilities

The Dean of Students is responsible for this policy.

F. Review

This policy should be reviewed every five years, or sooner if necessary, by the following stakeholders:

Vice President for Student Success

Dean of Students

Registrar or Associate Registrar

Provost or Vice Provost for Academic Affairs