4.4.1 Use of University Facilities

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the policy and procedures relating to the use of UT Tyler facilities for public use.

B. Persons Affected

All employees

C. Definitions


D. Policy and Procedures

  1. Facilities Available for Public Use. Facilities designated as “Special Use Facilities” by the President include the following: special events centers, conference centers, concert halls, theaters, or auditoria. Use of such rooms and facilities should be scheduled by the contact person or office responsible for the specific building or facility.
    Facility Contact 
    Alumni House Dir. of Scheduling and Conference Rooms
    Athletic Fields and Facilities Dir. of Athletics
    Braithwaite Hall and Art History Lecture Room, FAC
    Dir. of School of Performing Arts
    Herrington Patriot Center Dir. Recreational Facilities 
    Ornelas Activity Center Dir. of Scheduling and Conference Rooms
    Robert R. Muntz Library Room 401 Dir. of Library 
    Vaughn Auditorium and Lobbies, FAC Dir. of Cowan Fine and Performing Arts Center 
  2. Eligibility for Use of “Special Use Facilities.”  Priority in the reservation and use of the Special Use Facilities shall be given to activities that are in furtherance of, and related to, the educational, cultural, recreational and athletic programs of the institutions. As a lower priority, Special Use Facilities may under some circumstances be reserved and used by non-university individuals, groups, associations or corporations, without necessity of joint sponsorship by UT Tyler. See 4 (a)-(d) below for expanded explanation.

  3. Reservation of “Special Use Facilities.”  Both University and non-University individuals or groups wishing to use Special Use Facilities must complete and submit to the responsible department (the “Contact” listed above) a facilities use reservation Form . All requests for reservations must be made at least ten (10) working days in advance of the requested date.
  4. Regulations Governing Use of University Facilities. All uses of University facilities shall be in compliance with Rule 80104, Regent’s Rules and Regulations. The rules and regulations restrict the reservation and use of such facilities in accordance with the following:
    1. Designation as a Special Use Facility shall not constitute the facility a public facility or forum that is open to use by individuals, groups, associations, or corporations on a first come, first served basis.
    2. Priority in the reservation and use of Special Use Facilities shall be given to programs and activities of UT Tyler and the UT System that are in furtherance of and related to the educational, cultural, recreational, and athletic programs of UT Tyler and the UT System.
    3. As a lower priority, rules and regulations provide for reservation and use of Special Use Facilities by individuals, groups, associations, or corporations without the necessity of joint sponsorship by the UT System or UT Tyler. Subject to all constitutional and statutory provisions relating to the use of State property or funds for religious or political purposes, Special Use Facilities may be made available for religious and political conferences or conventions. Rates must be charged for the use of Special Use Facility that, at a minimum, ensure recovery of that part of the operating cost of the facility attributable directly or indirectly to such use. If the user charges those attending an event any admission or registration fee, or accepts donations from those in attendance, UT Tyler shall require the user to make a complete account of all funds collected and of the actual cost of the event. If the funds collected exceed the actual cost of the event, the user shall be required to charge for the use of the Special Use Facility provided, however, the Board of Regents may permit exceptions to this requirement by the authorization of specific use agreements via the Docket or Agenda.
    4. The rules and regulations applicable to a Special Use Facility may provide for the rental of space for display of samples of merchandise in designated areas inside the Facility that have been approved by the President of UT Tyler or his or her delegate, and for advertising by displays on an electronic scoreboard or message center inside the Facility or on the Facility’s outdoor electronic marquees or message center. Such rules and regulations may further provide for the sale of advertising space on ticket envelopes for events sponsored by the Facility and in any publication of the Facility distributed in connection with a sponsored event or announcing future sponsored events.

E. Responsibilities

See Policy and Procedures Section

F. Review

This policy shall be reviewed by the Office of Division of Operations every five years, or sooner if warranted by changes to applicable legislation, the Regents’ Rules, or UT System policy.

LAST AMENDED:  04/13/2011