4.28.2 Outdoor Space Acceptable Use

A. Purpose 

This policy is designed to establish guidelines for safe use of outdoor spaces on The University of Texas at Tyler’s premises and applies to all students, employees, contractors, and visitors. The procedures herein are intended to protect the health of the campus ecosystem, as well as those participating in recreational activities, and the campus community.   

B. Persons Affected 

This Policy applies to all University administrators, faculty, staff, students, contractors, and vendors working on any University of Texas at Tyler premises.  

C. Definitions 

For the purpose of this policy, “outdoor spaces” includes all grounds within the boundaries of the University of Texas at Tyler campus including sidewalks, wooded areas, lakes, parking lots, fountains etc. 

University - The University of Texas at Tyler, including the main campus, HSC campus, and satellite campuses in Longview and Palestine. 

EH&S – The Department of Environmental Health and Safety. 

D. Policy  

Outdoor spaces are to be used in a respectful manner keeping in mind the impacts to the safety of the environment and individuals.  

E. Responsibilities 

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and the University Police Department are responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are responsible for complying with all rules within this policy. 

F. Procedures 

Rules for the appropriate use of outdoor spaces including the use of recreational equipment can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety website located here: https://www.uttyler.edu/safety/files/outdoorusepolicy.pdf  

G. Review 

This policy shall be reviewed by Environmental Health and Safety every five years or as legislation changes. 


AMENDED: 10/2021