4.2.1 Best Value Procurement

A. Purpose

Section 51.9335, Texas Education Code, authorizes institutions of higher education to use “best value” procurement processes, which provide greater autonomy and flexibility in the procurement of goods and services. This policy provides guidelines for “best value” procurement at The University of Texas at Tyler, including The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler (University).

B. Persons Affected

This policy impacts all employees who participate to any extent in the procurement of goods or services, including but not limited to accumulation of information, preparation of solicitation and related procurement documentation, and selection of goods or service providers.

C. Definitions


D. Policy and Procedures

  1. Best Value. The University shall conduct all procurement activities in a manner which assures that each procurement of goods or services provides “best value” to the University. “Best value” means the optimum combination of economy and quality that is the result of fair, efficient, and practical procurement decision-making and which achieves the University’s procurement objectives. Except for Professional Services (see Texas Government Code Chapter 2254), each procurement of goods or services shall be made using a method which results in “best value” to the University, including but not limited to:

    a. competitive bidding;

    b. competitive sealed proposals;

    c. catalog purchases

    d. group purchasing programs (as authorized by UT System); or

    e. an open market contract,

    and shall be awarded based on those criteria which provide “best value” to the University. The procurement methods and selection criteria used in the solicitation and award of procurement transactions shall be determined by the University’s Purchasing Department in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations, and best procurement practices.

  2. Process. All procurements shall be made in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, the Regents’ Rules and Regulations and best procurement practices. Subject to the approval of The University of Texas at Tyler Senior Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs, and Chief Operating Officer (Academic Affairs), and The University of Texas System Vice Chancellor and General Counsel. The University's departments of Procurement Services shall establish and implement purchasing procedures. Any material changes to purchasing procedures shall require review and approval by the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel prior to implementation.
  3. Purchasing Procedures Manual. Detailed procurement procedures are in the Purchasing Procedures Manual on the Procurement Services webpage.
  4. Reference. Texas Education Code, Section 51.9335; Regent’s Rule and Regulations, Rule 20901; UT System Policy UTS159

E. Responsibilities

See Policy and Procedures in this section.

F. Review

This policy shall be reviewed by Financial Services every five years or as legislation changes.

LAST AMENDED:  04/15/2016

AMENDED:  11/2021