4.16.1 Personnel Records

A. Purpose

To provide procedures regarding maintenance of and access to employee personnel files.

B. Authority/Persons Affected

Texas Government Code Chapter 552

Persons affected: This policy applies to all employees of the University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler) 

C. Definitions

Personnel File: Information collected, assembled, or maintained by the Office of Human Resources documenting the status and history of an employee’s relationship with UT Tyler.

D. Policy and Procedures

To satisfy federal and state regulatory requirements and to meet operational needs, UT Tyler will maintain an official file for each employee.

  1. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining an official institutional personnel file on all UT Tyler employees.
  2. Employees are required to timely report changes in their personal information via available information management systems.
  3. The personnel file includes all information collected, assembled or maintained by UT Tyler relevant to the employment relationship of the individual with UT Tyler.
    1. The following employee personnel data are public information: name, sex, ethnicity, salary, title, and dates of employment.
    2. All information in the personnel file of an individual is available upon request to that individual employee or the employee’s designated representative for inspection and duplication. Employees should direct all requests for access to their personnel files in writing to the Director of Human Resources.
    3. Appropriate University personnel, as set by the administrative head of each office maintaining personnel records, may access employee personnel records on an as-needed basis for business purposes. Any employee designated to access personnel records may disclose the information accessed only when there is a business need for such disclosure. 
    4. Information in employee personnel files may be released (a) in compliance with a judicial order or subpoena, and (b) to representatives of state or federal agencies pursuant to authority granted to them by statute or regulations.
    5. The release of information in personnel files, the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, is prohibited to all other individuals without the written consent of the individual employees or as required by law. 
  4. These policies and procedures are in conformity with the Texas Public Information Act (Act) and the Open Records Decisions issued by the Texas Attorney General pursuant to the Act.
  5. Certain official faculty documents are maintained in the Office of the Provost & Academic Affairs.

E. Responsibilities

See Policy and Procedures section.

F. Review

This policy shall be reviewed by Human Resources every five years or as legislation changes.


LAST AMENDED:  02/2019