4.15.3 Hiring, Promotion, and Transfer Procedures

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the employment process and to assure that the recruitment and selection processes are consistent.

B. Authority/Persons Affected

There is not a primary policy to which this policy responds. Persons affected: Classified, Administrative and Professional staff

C. Definitions

Regular Employee - One who is employed to work at least 20 hours per week for a period of at least four and one-half (4½) months. 

Lateral Transfer - A move from one budgetary unit to another budgetary unit at the same salary rate and remaining in the same or equivalent-level job classification.

Promotion - An advancement involving a change of classification for an individual within or between budgetary units, and may or may not involve a salary increase. A promotion for the individual may result from a reclassification of a position.

Reclassification - A change in the official classification of a position within the same budgetary unit and does not necessarily include a change in salary rate (i.e., reclassification is an evaluation of the duties and responsibilities of a position, not an evaluation of the incumbent presently employed in said capacity).

Salary Increase - An increase which may result from the assignment of additional duties, a promotion, a reclassification, an evaluation of job performance, or an approved increase.

D. Policy and Procedures

UT Tyler is an Equal Opportunity employer and is committed to the recruitment and selection of highly qualified, productive employees.

Promotion or Lateral Transfer Within a Department

  1. To fill a vacant position by promotion or lateral transfer within a department, the hiring official must consider all qualified employees and recommend an employee based on job- related criteria. It is recommended that departments post all internal vacancies on bulletin boards or otherwise assure that all eligible employees in the office have an opportunity to apply.
  2. To change or reclassify a current position you will need to submit an updated job description (using the New Job Description Template) and the Reclassify a Current Position Request Form to Human Resources. If you need a copy of the current job description contact Human Resources and they will send you a copy of what we have on file.
    1. After the two documents are received, they will be used to create an electronic document that will be sent to the budget authority for approval.
    2. Once approved by the budget authority, the electronic document will be reviewed by Human Resources. If any additional documentation or justification is needed, it will be requested before approval and routing. After Human Resources approves the document it will be routed for approvals through the normal chain of communication.

      Note: If the change in position title involves a salary increase, then a statement stating the employee's job performance and productivity is consistently above that normally expected or required is needed to comply with the General Appropriations Act, Article III, Section 4. This statement will be added in the Funding Statement box which is found in the Funding section of the document.

      Also, if the employee does not meet the education, experience or equipment requirements for the position that are stated in the job description, then justification for waiving them needs to be provided.

    3. After the electronic document has been approved up through the normal chain of communication, Human Resources will make a recommendation to the President.

    4. Human Resources then notifies the department head of the outcome of the President’s decision.

    5. The department will prepare a Change of Appointment in that will follow the normal approval process.

    6. Human Resources processes the appointment.

Hiring Procedures

  1. Posting a Vacant Position
    1. All vacant regular positions must be posted on the job vacancy list and listed with the Texas Workforce Commission and other appropriate state agencies. The positions will be posted for at least ten (10) consecutive working days. For extenuating circumstances, a position may be posted for less than ten days. Such requests must be made in writing and must receive approval of Human Resources.
    2. To post a position on the employment vacancy list, a completed Employee Requisition Form and an updated Job Description must be submitted to Human Resources.

      After these are received an electronic document will be forwarded back to you for approval. Upon approval by the budget authority the document will be routed up the normal approval process which includes the department head and administrative officer as well as by the Vice President of Administration to signify budget approval and funding for the position and then forwarded to Human Resources for review and approval. In the case of a new position not approved in the regular budget cycle, the president of UT Tyler must approve the position. The requirements for the position must meet the minimum standards set by the official university job description.

    3. With prior approval of the appropriate executive officer, a vacant position may be designated as an internal posting only. Such postings will be open only to current regular employees of U. T. Tyler eligible to apply for job openings outside of their current departments. Internal postings will be posted for at least five (5) consecutive working days.

    4. All advertisements in newspapers, journals, etc. will be reviewed by Human Resources and shall identify U. T. Tyler as an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    5. Determine whether a position is within a security-sensitive area and specify any additional requirements for employment in that position or area (see UT Tyler Office of Human Resources Policy 1.015 and Business Procedure Memorandum 29-07-87).

  2. Application Process

    1. Applicants may not be considered for any position until formal application is made through Human Resources (through the RPM online system in the case of a classified position and some administrative positions), or by submission of a completed application for employment or resume in the case of designated administrative positions which shows evidence of the required qualifications. Applicants must indicate the position applied for and must submit their application materials to Human Resources by the closing date listed on the job posting announcement. 

    2. A regular employee of UT Tyler is eligible to apply for job openings outside of his or her current department provided current employment has been for a minimum of six months. A regular employee may apply for another position within their division even if they have worked in their current position less than six months. An employee interested in transfer opportunities must submit an updated application to Human Resources for formal consideration for any posted vacancy.

    3. Human Resources is responsible for processing and screening all non- faculty applications and resumes. Human Resources will forward to the hiring department the applications of applicants that meet the required qualifications for the position.

    4. An applicant will be disqualified from consideration for employment with UT Tyler if he or she makes a false statement on the application form or during the interview process, has committed fraud during the application or selection process, or is not legally permitted to hold the position.

  3. Interview Process

    1. The hiring department is responsible for:

      1. selecting applicants to be interviewed and scheduling appointments with individuals from the pool of qualified applicants referred by Human Resources, and

      2. ensuring that all applicants selected to receive an interview submit a completed U. T. Tyler application for employment or resume directly to Human Resources on or before the date they are scheduled to be interviewed.

    2. The interviewer shall ensure that all questions are job-related.

  4. Selection Process

    1. Reference checks shall be made by the hiring official or his or her designate before an offer of employment is extended.

    2. Prior to extending an employment offer, the hiring official must complete the Equal Opportunity Compliance Document, (ER3) which is part of the electronic recruiting document. Once the document is completed the hiring supervisor will need to contact Human Resources to discuss the proposed salary and start date before an offer is made. Once a salary, and start date are approved by Human Resources the department will contact the candidate and offer them the position. If the candidate accepts the offer verbally the department will send an offer letter for the candidate to sign and return. The signed offer letter along with all documentation pertaining to the hiring procedures (e.g., decision matrixes, interview notes, phone reference checks, etc.) must be forwarded to Human Resources for review and approval. Approval is required before an offer of employment may be extended.

    3. Continuity of employment must be maintained for employees promoting or transferring since any break in service would affect certain employee benefits.

    4. Promotion or transfer should take place as mutually agreed between the two departments involved. Normally, the change shall be effective after two weeks’ or ten (10) work days’ notice.

    5. Applicants who are interviewed, but not selected, for a position will be notified by the hiring office or Human Resources upon departmental request.

    6. A completed Personnel Action Form must be forwarded to Human Resources prior to the employment start date.

E. Responsibilities

See Policy and Procedures section.

F. Review

This policy shall be reviewed by Human Resources every five years or as legislation changes.