3.6.1 Faculty Authority in Academic Matters

A.  Purpose 

The purpose of this policy is to recognize the authority and responsibility of faculty with regard to curriculum. 

B. Persons Affected


C. Definitions


D. Policy 

The University of Texas at Tyler recognizes the role of faculty in academic matters including responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of the curriculum. 

E. Responsibilities

Faculty, chairpersons/directors, deans, and Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

F. Procedures

Proposals to initiate, modify or terminate  programs and minors, or to initiate or make substantial changes to programs or courses shall be initiated by faculty and shall be reviewed and approved by the faculty of the academic unit initiating a proposal, the head of that unit, a curriculum committee for the college in which the proposed program/minor/course will be situated, the dean of the college, either the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or the Graduate Council, the Dean of the Graduate School for graduate matters, and the Provost or designee. 
Following approval within the university proposals will be submitted to the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System, The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the regional accrediting agency, as appropriate.

Certain non-substantial adjustments to courses (e.g., change of title, change of prerequisites, deactivation of a course) may be processed through an expedited route consisting of approval by chairperson, dean, Provost or designee.

G. Review

Faculty Senate and  Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

H .Reference Documents



AMENDED: 02/2022