1.3.0 Compensation for Key Executives

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set forth the factors used to determine compensation of key executives at The University of Texas at Tyler.

B. Persons Affected

This policy applies to the President and key executives.

C. Policy

The policy of the University is to attract, retain and motivate the talent needed to lead the University and accomplish its mission, and to recognize and reward performance. In doing this, the University seeks to compensate key executives at levels that are competitive in the marketplace, cost effective, and, to the extent possible, internally equitable. In determining compensation for key executives, specific factors shall be considered in accordance with The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations Series 20203.

  1. Setting initial compensation. The following factors shall be considered:
    1. Relevant market data;
    2. Current compensation;
    3. Cost of living differences;
    4. Internal equity; and
    5. the University budget.
  2. Making future adjustments to compensation. The following factors shall be considered:
    1. Market data;
    2. Key executive’s performance;
    3. University’s performance on key performance indicators;
    4. Internal equity; and
    5. the University budget.

D. Definitions

Key executive. Includes personnel who directly report to the President: Provost, Vice Presidents, Chief Legal Officers and other members of the President's Cabinet.

E. Responsibilities

Not applicable.

F. Procedures

Not applicable.

G. Review

The Divisional Head for this policy is the President and this policy shall be reviewed every five years or sooner if necessary by the following Stakeholders:

  1. Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
  2. Vice President for Budget and Finance
  3. Vice President for Student Success 
  4. Vice President for University Advancement
  5. Vice President for Technology
  6. Vice President for Marketing and Communications
  7. Vice President for Operations and Strategic Initiatives
  8. Chief Legal Officer


AMENDED: 04/22/2009
REVIEWED:  AY 2014-15

AMENDED:  04/2019