1.2.9 Purpose and Responsibilities of the Vice President for Marketing and Communication

A. Purpose

The following describes briefly the general duties and responsibilities of the Vice President for Marketing and Communication.

B. Persons Affected

All personnel reporting to the Vice President for Marketing and Communication.

C. Definitions

Not applicable.

D. Policy

Not applicable.

E. Responsibilities

  1. The Vice President for Marketing, Brand Strategy and Community Engagement is a cabinet-level position that reports directly to the President of the University. The Vice President will serve as the University’s chief marketing, brand management, and community engagement officer. Key responsibilities will include elevating and enhancing the University of Texas at Tyler’s reputation through the development of integrated marketing, communications, brand, and community engagement strategies.
  2. Primary duties are to:
    1. lead a brand-building campaign that will broadly engage University constituencies and culminate in the issuance of a University brand book
    2. submit comprehensive, analytics-informed annual marketing and brand-management plans to the President.
    3. cultivate relationships with key stakeholders to grow media coverage for the University.
    4. coordinate communications regarding publications, mass media, social and other web media, for both internal and external constituents.
    5. coordinate both routine and emergency communications.
    6. provide leadership and direction in the development of all branding, marketing and advertising materials.
    7. develop strong partnerships with academic deans, faculty, and administrative leaders within the University and, in turn, develop strategies to make University expertise broadly available internally and externally.
    8. provide leadership in the development of marketing and branding-related joint ventures, affiliations, and co-branding arrangements.
    9. develop and implement the University’s community engagement strategies.
    10.  in collaboration with the Provost and the President’s Cabinet, develop a community-engagement plan.
    11. be responsible for continuous assessment and improvement of the University’s marketing, communications, brand, and community-engagement strategies and their associated administrative structures.

F. Procedures

Not applicable.

G. Review

This document shall be reviewed by the Vice President for Marketing and Communication every five years or as the organization or responsibilities change.