Bachelor of Music (B.M.) - Piano Performance Concentration

Degree Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours = 120

University Core Curriculum (42 hours)

May be applied to Core Curriculum requirements:
MUSI 2300Introduction to World Music

Musical Performance (32 hours)

  1. Applied Study in Piano (MUAP) 16 hours (8 lower-division, 8 upper-division)
  2. Primary Applied Proficiency Barrier (MUAP 2002) 0 hours
  3. Accompanying/Ensembles (MUEN/MUAP) 8 hours (4 lower-division, 4 upper-division)
  4. Applied Study in Secondary Instrument (MUAP) 4 hours (lower-division)
  5. Required Courses 4 hours
    MUAP 3000 30-Minute Recital

MUAP 4100 60-Minute Recital

MUSI 3335 Piano Pedagogy 

Supporting Courses in Music (32 hours)

(not including MUSI 2300, which is applied toward Core Curriculum requirements)

Lower-Division Courses (12 hours)

MUSI 1000Recitals, Concerts and Productions

MUSI 1116Aural Skills I [TCCN: MUSI 1116]

MUSI 1117Aural Skills II [TCCN: MUSI 1117]

MUSI 1211Music Theory I

MUSI 1212Music Theory II

MUSI 2116Aural Skills III [TCCN: MUSI 2116]

MUSI 2117Aural Skills IV [TCCN: MUSI 2117]

MUSI 2211Music Theory III

MUSI 2212Music Theory IV

MUAP 2001Piano Proficiency

NOTE: MUSI 1000 - 6 semesters with grade of CR required

Upper-Division Courses (20 hours)

MUSI 3243Music Technology

MUSI 3311Conducting

MUSI 3319Music History I

MUSI 3320Music History II

MUSI 4320Piano Literature

MUSI 4340Counterpoint

MUSI 4342Form and Analysis

Music Electives (14 hours)

Note: A minimum of 6 of these Music elective hours must be upper-division.

Recommended 4 Year Course Sequence Bachelor of Music - Piano Performance Concentration