Cybersecurity Certificate Program

The Cybersecurity Certificate Program is designed to provide students with enhanced opportunities for future employment in the information technology world.  Cybersecurity is needed in every domain, from the government to corporate, military to medical, financial to personal, because each one collects, stores and transmits data, much of which is sensitive information.

As the amount of digital data and transactions grow, so does the need for cybersecurity professionals in a variety of roles. This has opened the doors to a lucrative career move for both seasoned cybersecurity professionals and those making a lateral career move into a new field.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses (9 hrs.)

The certificate requires students to complete 9 semester credit hours (3 courses) from the following existing course set with a grade of B or better in each course. Prerequisites for all certificate courses selected will apply.
COSC 5341Cybersecurity

COSC 5342Cybersecurity Management

COSC 5363Contingency Planning

COSC 5364Cyber Risk Analysis

COSC 5367Cryptography

COSC 5388Digital Forensics

Courses completed for this certification will be listed as a milestone on an official university transcript and a certificate of completion will be awarded by the Department of Computer Science.