Construction Management B.S.

The Construction Management Program prepares graduates for professional careers and leadership roles in construction and construction-related industries. The Construction Curriculum focuses on Professionalism, Leadership, Ethics, and Autonomy. Students are expected to participate in Service Learning and Community Service during their academic career at The University of Texas at Tyler. The Department of Construction Management offers a plan of study leading to Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Graduates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become construction and project management leaders assuming responsibility for multidisciplinary construction project teams, client focused construction, asset management; and ethical decision making in construction management practice.
  2. Graduates continue to grow intellectually and professionally through participation in professional society activities, continuing construction manager education, graduate studies, and/or self-study during their professional career.
  3. Graduates demonstrate effective oral, written, and graphical communication skills to meet increasing professional demands.
  4. Graduates achieve professional level recognition in construction or project management.

Student Outcomes

Graduates can:

  1. Apply knowledge of traditional mathematics, science, and engineering skills, and use modern tools to solve construction problems.
  2. Design and conduct experiments, as well as analyze and interpret data in construction.
  3. Design systems, components, and processes and recognize the strengths and areas for possible improvement of their creative designs within realistic constraints such as economic, political, social, constructability, sustainability, public health and safety, environmental, and ethical.
  4. Work independently as well as part of a multidisciplinary design team.
  5. Identify, formulate, solve, and evaluate construction design problems using models in the discipline of construction management.
  6. Analyze a situation and make appropriate professional and ethical decisions.
  7. Demonstrate effective oral, written, and graphical communication skills.
  8. Demonstrate a commitment to learning and continued professional development outside the classroom, incorporate contemporary issues.

Graduation Requirements

During a student’s first semester in the Construction Management program, a program faculty member is assigned as the student’s academic advisor to work with the student in planning a program of study to complete degree requirements. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor throughout the semester and are required to meet with their advisor prior to registering for the next semester or summer session.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management degree, a student must

  1. earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses used to meet degree requirements,
  2. complete the general baccalaureate degree requirements of the University, and
  3. complete the Construction Management curriculum requirements specified in the following sections.

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum

Freshman Year

First Semester (16 hrs.)

ENGL 1301College Composition I [TCCN: ENGL 1301]

MATH 2312Precalculus [TCCN: MATH 2312]

HIST 1301United States History I [TCCN: HIST 1301]

Visual and Performing Arts


Second Semester (15 hrs.)

CMGT 2302Introduction to Construction Management

PHYS 1301College Physics I [TCCN: PHYS 1301]

PHYS 1101College Physics I Laboratory [TCCN: PHYS 1101]

ENGR 1204Engineering Graphics I [TCCN: ENGR 1204]

MATH 1324Mathematics for Business and Economics I [TCCN: MATH 1324]

ENGL 1302College Composition II [TCCN: ENGL 1302]


Sophomore Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

POLS 2305Introductory American Government [TCCN: GOVT 2305]

CENG 2336Geomatics

ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Accounting [TCCN: ACCT 2301]

CMGT 2303Construction Materials and Methods

SPCM 1315Fundamentals of Speech Communication [TCCN: SPCH 1315]

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

POLS 2306Introductory Texas Politics [TCCN: GOVT 2306]

MATH 1342Statistics [TCCN: MATH 1342]

ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics [TCCN: ECON 2301]

PHIL 2306Introduction to Ethics [TCCN: PHIL 2306]

HIST 1302United States History II [TCCN: HIST 1302]


Junior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

CMGT 3310Construction Structural Systems I

BLAW 3301Business Law and Social Responsibility

FINA 3311Principles of Finance

MANA 3311Fundamentals of Management

CMGT 3311Construction Estimating

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

CMGT 3315Construction Structural Systems II

CMGT 3320Soils and Foundations in Construction

CMGT 3365Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems

CMGT 3348Construction Safety

CMGT 3312Advanced Estimating

Senior Year

First Semester (14 hrs.)

CMGT 4331Construction Scheduling

CMGT 4335Construction Law and Ethics

CMGT 4375Construction Administration and Economics

CMGT 4315Construction Applications for Steel

ENGR 4109Senior Seminar

CMGT 4195Construction Management Capstone I


Second Semester (15 hrs.)

CMGT 4313Construction Applications for Concrete

CMGT 4385Commercial Construction

CMGT 4395Construction Management Capstone

CMGT 4370Construction Management Internship