History B.A./B.S.


The history program provides each student the opportunity to pursue a broad based liberal arts program that best suits individual intellectual interests and career goals. Programs are designed for careers in a variety of fields, including elementary, secondary, and higher education; law; the ministry; library and archival work; business; and government.

Degree Requirements - Total Semester Credit Hours=120


University Core Curriculum (42 hrs.)

A minimum grade of "C" in all history courses.

Required Courses

A minimum of 36 semester hours in history, 24 of which must be upper division, and 6 upper-division hours in the major must be taken at this university:

15 hours of the following:

HIST 1301United States History I [TCCN: HIST 1301]

HIST 1302United States History II [TCCN: HIST 1302]

HIST 2321World Civilizations I [TCCN: HIST 2321]

HIST 2322World Civilizations II [TCCN: HIST 2322]

HIST 3300Historical Methods and Research

World History upper-division courses (6 hours)

HIST 3301Patterns of World History

HIST 3382Mediterranean Civilization

HIST 3395History of Russia

HIST 4360African History I

HIST 4361African History II

HIST 4369Social Movements in World History

HIST 4377American Borderlands

HIST 4378Latin American-US Relations

HIST 4391Colonial Latin America

HIST 4392Modern Latin America

HIST 4394Chinese Civilization

HIST 4395Modern Middle East

HIST 4397 Topics in History when applicable

European History upper-division courses (6 hours)

HIST 3352Renaissance Europe

HIST 3353Reformation Europe

HIST 3354Medieval Europe

HIST 3356Seventeenth-Century Europe

HIST 3357Eighteenth-Century Europe

HIST 3358Nineteenth-Century Europe

HIST 3359Twentieth-Century Europe

HIST 3382Mediterranean Civilization

HIST 3383Tudor and Stuart England

HIST 3395History of Russia

HIST 4397 Topics in History when applicable

United States History upper-division courses (9 hours)

HIST 4320History of Texas

HIST 4322The American South

HIST 432320th Century Presidential Leadership

HIST 4326Modern American Social and Intellectual History

HIST 4327Early American Diplomatic History

HIST 4328Modern American Diplomatic History

HIST 4329Early American Military History

HIST 4330Modern American Military History

HIST 4334Women in US History

HIST 4350American Environmental History

HIST 4371History of Mexican-Americans

HIST 4372History of African Americans

HIST 4376Native American History

HIST 4377American Borderlands

HIST 4378Latin American-US Relations

HIST 4379The Age of Jackson

HIST 4384Colonial America

HIST 4385Revolutionary America

HIST 4386Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST 4387Industrial and Progressive America

HIST 4388America During the World Wars

HIST 4389America Since 1945

HIST 4390Recent American History, 1929-Present

HIST 4397 Topics in History when applicable


A minor of at least 18 hours in a single related discipline or at least 18 hours of guided electives, twelve of which must be upper division, to be chosen in consultation with the student's advisor.

FOR THE BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE: At least four semesters of a single foreign language or a satisfactory grade on a written examination approved by the foreign language faculty.

FOR THE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE: Six hours from economics, geography, and/or computer science in addition to those otherwise counted as lower-division preparation.